Wedding Corner

It was time to bring this page back our wedding Q&A to our new web site, why have a page like this you might ask.

It is simple we will be adding articles, videos and also some of our own Q&A's as well as some helpful hints to try and make planning your wedding just a little less stressful.

We have shot well over a 100 weddings so we see our self's as experienced when it comes to shooting weddings but not only that we walk a road with our customers leading up to the wedding and can offer some helpful insight as to what can go wrong what has gone wrong at some of the weddings we attended and how the problems or issues (That all seem major on the day) can be avoided or handled on the day.

Any advise and guidance we provide here is based on our experience and should in no way or form seen as some golden rule that you should plan your wedding by. Like they say use it don't use it it is your wedding we will not dictate to you how your day will or must play out.

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Q & A

We will start off with a wedding Q&A with regards to our own packages

Q: How long does the couples shoot take?

A: We ask couples for 45 to 60 minutes but the actual shoot takes approximately 40 minutes. We like to give the couple 10 to 15 minutes alone time after the shoot just to take in the day, just sit together and look around as this day takes months to plan and it will be over before you know it.

Q: If there are only male photographers, what happens with the getting ready do they stay in the room with the bride?

A: No, only the main photographer Awie will go the bride. He will start with her details shots of the rings, shoes, dress and all other small details that makes the day special. He will the periodically go into the room take some shots of the make-up and hair being done. Then some of the bride and her brides maids just before everyone gets dressed. Then he will leave the room and the bride will get into her dress and he will return once the dress is on and the mom or brides maids start to lace up or button up the dress capturing those special moments. He will then stay in the room until dad arrives to capture him seeing his baby girl in her dress for the first time. He will then depart to the ceremony to wait for the brides arrival. This is the normal sequence of events and unless the bride specifically requests a boudoir shoot or has specific photos she would like taken for her future husband or for herself there is never a valid reason for a photographer male or female to be present while she is actually getting into the dress.

Q: Will I get a night shoot?

A: It will depend your your package as well as some variables on the day. First off all we or I need to still be there after dark so the Rose package will not allow for that. All other packages are 8 hours or more so chases are that it will be dark before we / I finish. Night shoots are normally done during dinner so as soon as the wedding couple has finished eating and the guest are still being served or standing in the quest to get served that is when we do the night shoot. We allow for maybe 2 to 3 setups around the function hall as we do not want the shoot to take longer than 15 to 20 minutes. Night shoot generally require a bit more setup and a couple of shots at each spot to make sure we get the lighting just right. It takes a lot of practice and experience to do night shoots but every venue and every lighting situation is different so there is some skill required to actually get the shots.

Q: Do we need to feed you?

A: You don't have to but by law we are entitled to a meal or at least a break for a meal so if you are not supplying the meal we are allowed to leave the premises to go and find a shop where we can buy food. So you will potentially then not have your night shoot or we could be away from the venue while the event is moving forward missing the opportunity to capture those moments.

Q: Can I pay off my package instead of following the guide lines in the contract?

A: You can most certainly do that but we suggest that you open a 32 day call account in your name and deposit your monthly payments in there as that is what we would be doing but then you would get the benefit of any interest earned on that money.

Q: What will happen if I don't pay the amount due in the week prior to the wedding?

A: We would fist of all offer you a reduced package that does not include any books or canvas prints and will also only cover the ceremony and couples shoot. We will then only start editing those photos as soon as full payment for that reduced package has been received. Should you decline this offer we will unfortunately not be there on the day to take your photos. You would have to rely on uncle Bob's photos for your wedding memories.

Q: Do you allow guests taking photos on the day?

A: To a certain extent we do not mind but you must know if you do allow it and uncle Bob jumps in front of me while you are walking down the isle that moment is gone so let us hope he got the shot... Guests are not allowed to follow us around on the couples shoot for the simple reason that they get in the way and also the poses and techniques used are our intellectual property if you would like to have a shortened shoot with us to give uncle Bob a opportunity to do a shoot with you this would have to be prearranged with us but we are more that willing to accommodate you. But at this point you have to start asking yourself do you really need a professional photographer if you have this much faith in uncle Bob? So in short we don't mind as long as you take the responsibility for shots missed because of family or friend photographers as I will supply you with the photos of their behinds.

Q: How many photos will I get and can I have the unedited photos or RAW files?

A: If you just want a lot of photos instead of quality photos that can be arranged as my cameras can take up to 12 frames per second so I can most certainly accommodate you there. The base amount of photos based on experience are listed in the packages. We do sometimes get more but if we do you will get them as I edit every single usable photos taken on the day even the ones of uncles Bob's back and give them to you. As for RAW files and unedited photos, there wont be any unedited photos and as for the RAW files No you cannot have them.

These are the most common questions we get if I think of anymore or if new ones pop up I will add them here.