Training for Amateur Photographers

Introduction to Photography with DSLR

Just bought an DSLR camera and not sure how to get this thing to work ?
Or would you like to stop taking photos on AUTO?
Would you like to learn the basics and stop trying to figure it on YouTube?

Or maybe you just want to take your photography to the next level, If you you just recently got involved with photography I know you have a thousand and one questions.

I have been doing photography for just over 10 years and became a full time professional about 2 years ago, my work has been exhibited recently in Belgium as well as the biggest photo and film expo in Asia.
I must be doing something right and would like to offer you the opportunity to pick my brain.

Therefore I will be hosting one on one sessions in my home studio in Sunward Park Boksburg.

What will you learn?
We will not be spending hours on the history of photography, instead I will give you a DVD to take home with you that covers all that and you can watch it in your own time.

Instead we will focus on Cameras & Lenses

Shutter Speed
Rule of Thirds
and much much more

We will also see how many of those questions you have I can answer.

For now this will be the only course, if there is enough interest I might put together a more advanced course and share some of my night photography tips and tricks with you as we have a look at off camera flash. But that is for later for now let us start with the basics.

The duration of this one on one session will be 3 hours and you have two options.

Option 1
Week day's between 9am and 3pm

Option 2
Weekends (Saturdays or Sundays)

What you would need to bring:
Your DSLR Camera (If you can not change the lens with another lens it is not a DSLR you probably have what is called a bridge camera and that is a course for another day)
All your lenses
Memory Card

If you are interested in booking one of these introduction courses please send me an email on