Studio Portrait

Studio Portrait photography is different to your normal photo shoot in the sense that I aim to capture a bit of your essence, it is not just a photo.

These portraits are meant to be printed and displayed. They are the photos that future generations will look at and admire. We need to try and give them a sense of who you are.

It could also be for a special person in your life. The one you want to show a more personal side of yourself. For them to enjoy knowing it was done for them. Or be displayed as art. It does not matter if it is hung in the lounge for all to enjoy or in the bedroom for personal enjoyment.
Portraits are more than just a photo, they are a gift that keeps on giving.

The rooms they will be displayed in becomes more than just a room for those who love and know you or those who appreciate art.

It does not matter if it is a family portrait or individual portrait, portraits need to capture some part of who we are. Think about it before you come for your shoot who are you and what does the world see or what do you want them to see. We are all different and unique so no two portraits can be the same. Everyone needs to do a Studio Portrait Photography session at least once in their life.

Be honest be wild be sexy be you.

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