Please feel free to build the package you require here are some field explanations and when they are applicable:

Travel: If your wedding is more than 100km from Morkel rd in Sunward Park Boksburg you must calculate the additional km to be traveled.

Example: If your wedding is 150km away from Sunward Park in Boksburg there will be an additional 100km than must be added. (150 there and 150 back total of 300 -200) The first 100km there and the first 100km back is free of charge. Google maps can be used to calculate the distance.

Accommodation: This will only be applicable if your venue is 200km or more away from Sunward Park in Boksburg. The number of nights are calculated as follow:

201km - 300km 1 Night (The night of the wedding)

301km - 699km + 2 Nights (The night before the wedding and the night of the wedding)

700km + Flights would have to be arranged by you so it would be an additional cost over and above the final package value but travel charges will still have to be added as normal as this would then be used for rental a rental vehicle in the destination city to travel to and from the venue and hotel/guest house.

Please note that if you require 2 photographers the number selected in the applicable field must be doubled and if we are also doing a video it must be tripled. (Example: 2 photographer plus videographer = 6)

If this is all to much for you and would like us to give you a separate quote for travel and accommodation that can be arranged, you are still welcome to build your photography package.

To check if we are still available on your date please copy and paste the Summery of your package including the date in the form below and hit submit