Matric Farewell

Our Matric Farewell photography standard package is 2 hours long. We do not do 1 hour Matric Farewell sessions. Why is that you may ask, after 12 years of doing this we can safely say 1 hour is never enough.

Someone is always late and we inevitably stand around and wait. So we don’t actually shoot for 2 hours but you have the peace of mind that we are there waiting with you.

This is also the reason that we will never book two Matric Farewell photography sessions on a day. We do not charge you the full rate that you would be charged on the day. If we had to extend the shoot so it is defiantly worth paying for this peace of mind up front.

Choosing the venue for the shoot is important as we do not provide a standard location for these shoots. We can recommend locations but the final arrangement of the venue is up to you. Unless you choose one of our packages that includes a specified venue in that case we will arrange for the venue to be booked on your behalf.

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